About Us
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About Us

The Ruling Law of Technology Is Changing the Way to do Business – And It Never Seems to Stop

The industrial revolution hit us with a social onslaught that changed everything in the world for a good number of years and kept things dynamic to the point of complacency in the middle of the 20th century. The human mind seemed to stop innovation to favor upgrading of established concepts, and the world of business was a direct reflection of that.

When the 90’s where about to end technology leaped again and started to change the way we do everything in our lives. In 2018 the changes keep coming in fast and without time to catch our breath. The current rate of technology developments has us witnessing the way our lives change in real time. All of us have two choices: either we fall behind and are swept away in the wave of progress, or we do our best to keep up with it.

IN OJJDPTTA 360 we believe that we take for granted these changes. They are happening as you read this and there are ways to be aware of them in real time. The wonders seem to keep coming, and they are affecting everything, even our means to do business. The following is just a brief list of the way things have changed in the XXI century